At last we are very excited to say that we have started our Izulu Orphan Projects Support Centre. We have been waiting patiently for half the year for this project to get started and at last, it's on its way.

The main reason why it has taken long to start then expected, is because we have changed the design a few times. We have tried to come up with the best structure that will be able to hold the most amount of people also considering factors such as the heat of Zululand, and sunlight when showing educational videos to hundreds of people at a time. We have consulted many specialist and have decided on cost effective and beneficial building.

On Saturday, 30 June 2007, we started digging the holes. After 2 weeks, we have just finished and it was a difficult task. Our staff and volunteers from Round Table, had to dig through 1 and half metres of rock  and shale for the main poles. There have been many blisters to tell the tale.

Round Table Empangeni, have been a real blessing. They came out to help for the morning bringing with them 207 blankets to hand out to some of our orphans. It was a very festive morning with our orphaned families leaving very excited and grateful. They also gave us a cheque for Metro Cash and Carry where we were able to put together 10 food hampers for some of most desperate homesteads. This was such a great way for us to celebrate the beginning of our support centre.