We have got to a very exciting stage, which has been our dream and our goal ever since Chadd and I got together. We live on a smallholding, which is surrounded by Riverview Farm. This has been thrown around between the Land Bank and potential buyers for years and in the process it has been left to ruin and been nearly completely vandalised. We drive through this farm to get to the main road and we have watched it deteriorate in the hands of the series of owners that never end up actually paying for the farm. We have such huge plans for this land. And we have reached such urgency now that this is the time for us to claim this dream. We have so many orphans that are not being looked after by their caregivers as we have young adults who are being left with so many of their siblings' children and these young adults are not qualified or interested in taking on the role of being a parent. We have threatened calling the Welfare and we are appalled when we see the excitement in the caregivers' faces!!

It is now the absolute urgent time to start building cluster homes, as we need to take in children. We have always believed that home based care is the best, but now there are more and more cases when this is no longer a safe option. We are now desperate to move on. We have to. We have to buy this farm. We have gotten hold of the liquidators and after many discussions we have come to an agreement that if we can come up with an amount, which is more than what they got at the auction last year (another buyer that has not come through) then they will force the sale to us. At first they could not tell us the amount as it was confidential but yesterday we heard that we need R970 000. As large an amount as this is, the farm is 270 Hectares with 48 Hectares of citrus that would help us become more self-sustainable. This is way beyond what we could ever imagine saving, this we know has to come from elsewhere.

Our other big plan for this land is something quite different. In visiting our orphans, we are witnessing first hand, the mind-blowing amount of people dying around us. All our 513 orphans have our mobile numbers for emergencies. More and more we are getting called out to take people to hospital, as the ambulances don’t arrive. These people are dying of Aids and are getting turned away from the hospitals. We have to take them back home to die awfully uncomfortable painful deaths. We are also desperate to build a Hospice house on the other side of the farm. Even on Sunday morning, one of our caregivers died leaving behind 5 children. What I can’t stop thinking is that how grateful they and their caregiver must have felt, knowing that they have us to rely on.

I don’t know what more to say, if anyone is interested, if you have us on your heart, please contact us.

Thanks for your time. We hope you can all visit someday soon.