After much perseverance and negotiating, we are pleased to announce that our very own mobile clinic is underway. This came after a proposal that was put forward at the local tribal court where we were given the go ahead to utilize the premises by the local tribal authority.

This building is centrally situated in the area of Ngqamuzana, the area in which our largest number of orphans reside. Currently the nearest clinic is approximately 6km away from the community and due to poverty people are not able to take a taxi there, and they are left with no opportunity but to walk, which is logically impossible for any sick person to do. Now we understand why patients default on their medication, not because they want to but because they do not have the means to access health facilities.

It is therefore absolutely imperative that we get our mobile clinic up and running as soon as possible because we deal with life and daily and we see the large numbers of people that die because they could not access their local clinic.

Not only do we intend to utilize these premises as a clinic but also as an office in that area which we will work from temporarily until we have enough staff members that can operate this office on a permanent basis. For now we intend to do our monthly food distribution from this point and also to interview new families joining our organization.