Hello to all of you

We really want to thank everyone as there are so many of you, for helping us pull off such successful orphan Christmas parties. Our children and carers were so spoilt, taking home as much as they could carry. Our children were not only given the much loved presents, but they got school bags full of stationary, food, chips, party packs and juices. The delight on everyone's faces was earth moving and the atmosphere at these parties was of joy, peace and blessings.

This year has started with a such huge accomplishments already. In the month of January we took on another 174 orphans in 108 families. Our numbers are now up to 1399 orphans in a total of 620 families. We have just ordered uniforms for 335 of our most desperate orphans. We have built a house for a family living in a complete dilapidation. We are now just finishing off the outside plastering. In January we fed 260 families. With our category 1families, being the most desperate, increasing to 303, we are hoping to be able to supply more food parcels from February.

We have run a weeks Early Childhood Development course for our local rural daycares where we have trained 19 teachers from 17 daycares . Thanks to Bell Equipment, we were able to supply all of them with the educational toys needed to teach their little children. We are able to work along side these daycares to continue mentoring and encouraging them. We have just started our next course for 30 more teachers from further up the Kwa-Zulu Natal Coast. These are the first of the many daycares around us that we plan on impacting this year. We have learnt that educating these children has to start from as young as possible!

We are planning many more projects this year to change the fate of our orphans. One of our main projects is to build our first satellite Crisis Support Centre in one of our surrounding communities as we are using it for one of the venues for our annual orphan Christmas parties at the end of the year. Our orphan Christmas parties are already set for the 8th and 9th December, so start diarising! Our numbers have just increased so we need every pair of hands possible :-)!

We are partnering with a few Non-Profit organisations to develop upon the computer systems we have built over the years. We need to teach and equip other Non-proftis to reach the many more millions of orphans that need help. The statistics in South Africa are that only 10% of our orphans in this country are getting the help they need to become responsible self-sufficient adults, avoiding crime and rather adding value to society. Once we have got this right in South Africa, the vision is in time to move across the continent. All glory to our Awesome Almighty God!

Please know that you have an open invitation to come and volunteer anytime. Always fun to get your hands dirty. It takes all of us to change the world! :-)

Kind regards
Kate Bain