I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who so generously helped towards our 2013 Orphan Christmas party that was hosted on the 7th & 8th December 2013. That event seems like a life-time away already! So much has happened in 2014, this is going to be an incredible year. We have really started picking up momentum over the last few years of perseverance and we are moving ahead at great speed towards making a real difference in our country.

Christmas party with Youtube clip

One week before our Christmas party we had less then a quarter of what we needed. It was so incredible to see miracle after miracle as the gifts, food, party packs and the money needed for uniforms poured in every day leading up to our parties. And what an incredible success they were. God is so faithful! Every year just keeps getting better and better. Our orphans walked off with their stationary, Christmas presents, food and party packs, literally all they could carry! What an incredible success. There are so many of you to thank for making this all possible! You can diarize this year's party on the 6th and 7th December 2014.

Thank-you so much to everyone who donated towards our Christmas party. I can promise you that every single cent made a difference. With the money raised, we were able to buy school uniforms for 425 of our poorest orphans. We were clever this year and were able to streamline the process by hiring big busses and taking 200 orphans at a time to the uniform shop that opened only for us on Sundays. This saved us weeks and weeks of work!

New orphan families
In January we registered 38 new families with 95 orphans. This takes our total number of orphans supported up to 1699 in 738 families. We have 333 of them with an income of less then R1500 per month supporting an average of 8 people. Of these families we have 55 families earning less then R500 per month.

Homework room
We have received a wonderful grant from Rotary International to furnish and equip our new IT homework centre. We have received 20 computers from Seattle, along with installing satellite internet, a smart board and a solar system to run the centre. Along with daily homework support for our orphans, we will be running free computer courses for the community and focusing on improving the grade 10 to 12s Maths and Science marks.

Safe house
We have just received a donation towards building our safe house at our new centre which we will start building in March. On completion of this building, we will have a staff member living on site and our support centre will be open 24 hours a day. This safe house will be used to temporarily accommodate our orphans in crisis situations.

Our feeding scheme continues to grow as we get the regular funds coming in to purchase food parcels to support our most desperate families.

  • For those families that live out of the immediate vicinity of our support centre, we are handing out 233 monthly food parcels. We are so grateful to Spar KZN for making this possible.
  • At our centre we have a daily feeding scheme for our orphans living around our centre. Here they receive breakfast and an early evening meal, thanks to Msizi Africa.

Sewing course
We have started our weekly sewing courses with 7 grandmothers finding great joy in learning to use a sewing machine. They were ecstatic with their pillowcases they made in their first lesson last week.

Early Childhood Development

  • We are in the process of erecting a jungle gym in one of our day-cares.
  • We have had a group from Canada and Germans start to paint murals on a day-care we completed building at the end of last year.
  • We will be running our next day-care teachers training course in April for 16 teachers, thanks as always to Bell Equipment.
  • We have an amazing donation of a tank full of diesel from Jubane Petroleum. As we specialise in home-based care and we cover an area of 1200 km2, this is the hugest blessing to us.

Please keep us in your prayers as I go on Friday, 14 February, to meet the Premier of KZN's wife, Mrs Thandeka Mchunu, the mayor of the uThungulu District, which the two municipalities we work into fall under. We are focused on collaborating with government to be able to replicate and spread the model of our work nationally. We need to give every single one of the millions of orphans in this country a chance to make a good life for themselves, to add value to our beautiful country.

Kate Bain
Mobile: +27 83 649 9990