Good Day, friends of IOP!
It is time to start preparing for our next massive Annual Orphan Christmas Party which is set to take place on the weekend of 13 and 14 December. Please book your dairies, we need as many hands as we can get on these days!
We will be hosting around 3000 orphans and their carers over two days at our support centres at Bainage and Ngqamuzane, just outside Empangeni. Understandably, this is a mammoth undertaking that involves re-registering each oprhans’ school report from 2014, as well as providing entertainment, meal, treats and a Christmas present for each orphan and carer.
There are several ways in which you can assist this year – please see our needs list below and contact us should you be interested in coming on board for this amazing life-changing event. Financial support would also be greatly appreciated – our banking details will appear below and should you wish you donation to be Christmas party-specific, please use ‘2014 party’ as your reference.
We are able to collect presents and food donations in Durban too. Please call us and we can make arrangements.

Needs list

  • 3000 Lunch packs. This contains two hot dogs and a cold drin. Could your company or organization sponsor the bread rolls, sausages, tomato sauce or juice for packs?
  • 3000 Party packs – our orphans favourite of course! Each pack should have a packet of chips, a fizzer, sucker and some sweeties.
  • Christmas presents – a toy for each orphan. The most popular items are soccer/netball balls for all ages.  The high school children love cosmetics, a very rare treat.
  • Granny treats – these items are handed to the caregiver in each home. These amazing women, usually elderly, take care of orphaned children. We love to bless them with a special item such as a head scarf , umbrella, or toiletries – things that we take for granted but that are not within their means to buy.
  • Transport funds. IOP’s area of support covers 1200 km2. Many families live too far away to walk. We will hire buses at a cost of R41 400.
  • Volunteer your time! Can your youth group or school class spend the day painting faces, or handing our balloons or treats? This has always been an excellent team building activity for companies. We would love to have you! Please contact our office should you be able to volunteer your time.
  • Can’t make the party, or donate material goods? Please consider a donation to IOP, which will be used to buy the school uniforms for our most desperate orphans in January 2015. This year we were able to buy uniforms for 465 children!

We would like to thank you in advance for considering being a part of this event – one which blesses the poorest of the poor each year, and remains a highlight on the Zululand calendar each festive season.
Please check out for accomodation if needed.
We can’t wait to hear from you!

God Bless!