We would really like to thank Empangeni Round Table 61 for their continued support. They are true champions! You are able to read in a couple of News stories previously how Empangeni Round Table 61 initiated 'Kili for Kids' back in November 2007. A bunch of them took Chadd and summited Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa and the highest free standing mountain in the world, all in the name of saving orphans. What an incredibely life-changing time they all had.

Apart from the trip Chadd got spoilt with, we recieved a R10 000 per month for 5 years, shopping voucher for Power Spar in Empangeni. This has been a solid life-support and Spar have been incredibly generous. Empangeni Round Table 61 bought us our wonderful little Nissan 1400 bakkie. It is a brand new little baby pickup that looks like it jumped right out of the 60s. It is really fun to drive too. She has been invaluable.

They also paid for the uniforms we bought this year for 106 out of 849 orphans. This was for all our orphans entering school into grade 1 and those entering high school into grade 8.

Well done Round Table on your incredible kindness and the time you give up to raise money for organisations like us. May you guys be blessed right out of your socks! You are all legends and life-changers!

What a success! There are so many people to thank, so many of you pulled together and made our Orphan Christmas Party such an incredible day! It is so true when I say every year gets better and better. Our children and caregivers where spoilt beyond their wildest dreams! They really had the best day ever!

I really want to thank Revlon and Frank at Unilever for the gifts for our caregivers. The ladies who work for us have told me that the gogos were so moved that they felt like God himself gave them the presents. What a great surprise that was for them. I would also like to personally say a huge thank-you to all the volunteers that joined us on the day. Because of them, we managed to pull of this huge, incredibly successful party with such organisation and fun. I would also like to thank ECR Toy Story and iLembe Technologies for giving most of the children's gifts. This is really the highlight for our orphans - hmm, and the party packs!

There are really so many people to thank, for the viennas, rolls, juices, party packs, packaging, the list goes on and on. But what I really want to say is that the real point was made to these children. They know that there are people who care and that they are loved! The grandmothers - 'gogos' - know that they are not alone in this fight against HIV/Aids and in raising up this abandoned generation. We all did an exceedingly excellent job and it could not have been better! I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart, who made this all possible.


After much perseverance and negotiating, we are pleased to announce that our very own mobile clinic is underway. This came after a proposal that was put forward at the local tribal court where we were given the go ahead to utilize the premises by the local tribal authority.

This building is centrally situated in the area of Ngqamuzana, the area in which our largest number of orphans reside. Currently the nearest clinic is approximately 6km away from the community and due to poverty people are not able to take a taxi there, and they are left with no opportunity but to walk, which is logically impossible for any sick person to do. Now we understand why patients default on their medication, not because they want to but because they do not have the means to access health facilities.

It is therefore absolutely imperative that we get our mobile clinic up and running as soon as possible because we deal with life and daily and we see the large numbers of people that die because they could not access their local clinic.

Not only do we intend to utilize these premises as a clinic but also as an office in that area which we will work from temporarily until we have enough staff members that can operate this office on a permanent basis. For now we intend to do our monthly food distribution from this point and also to interview new families joining our organization.