Izulu Orphan Projects’ primary focus is education. Once our orphans are registered, the criteria for our ongoing support are their continued commitment to their education, as well as maintaining a regular relationship with our support staff.

Sinqobile's Story

Sinqobile (19) lives with her grandmother, younger brother and two other orphans in rural Mevamhlope. The family survives on R1 600 ($135) per month. Her mother died in 2002 and her father in unknown. Sinqobile’s school reports were outstanding and IOP obtained a full bursary to a local private school, as well as her tertiary education for a BSC in Accounting in 2014.  She continues to be supported by IOP financially, and is a shining example of what a young rural child with little to no future prospects can achieve with the right mentorship and guidance.

IOP has a mutually beneficial relationship with the heads and teachers at the 68 rural schools our orphans attend. We visit these schools to follow-up attendance and receive regular feedback from the teachers of 900 school-going orphans on the IOP system.

We are annually committed to: 

  • The purchasing and distribution of school uniforms and essential school stationary, 
  • The payment of crèche, primary and high school fees, as well as bursary and funding application assistance, 
  • Teacher training and guidance, 
  • Providing finance for educational tours and extra-mural activities.

‘How can I help?’

Education is an essential investment into the future of our country. Funds for school fees, uniforms, donation of stationary and learning equipment, and committing to our ‘Sponsor A Child’ initiative are just some of the ways in which you can change the future of these young children.

Our Vision

To serve, educate and provide for the desperate and deserted orphans and HIV infected widows with children through individualized, family-centred, community-focused care. We strive for every orphan to have a humane chance in life.