Our Feeding program provides for families with an income of less than R1 500pm ($120) through a daily hot meal kitchen, as well as a monthly food parcel distribution programme for no less than 220 rural impoverished families.

Rhea’s story
‘As a Nutritionist visiting from London, my focus is in seeking to provide food at household level, encouraging home gardens and skills to grow their own. I assessed and monitored the nutritional content of the food that IOP provides and ensured food diversity to strengthen the nutritional intake of their beneficiaries. Providing a variety of foods where possible enhances health and strengthens development and growth.’ - Rhea Varma: Nutritionist – Msizi Africa

Every family is assessed and monitored to ensure the food provided is going to where it is needed most. We encourage ‘helpful giving’ in all programmes, which means we ensure those who are unable to provide for themselves are given assistance first. Our menu has been devised with the professional assistance of nutritional experts from as far afield as the University of Alberta (Canada) and the University of London. ‘How can I help?’ The Feeding Programme costs around R60 000 per month to run, and is part-sponsored by Spar Group, Woolworths Empangeni and Horizon International. Our needs include regular funds for daily operations, funding for petrol and transport for delivery of food parcels, as well as dry goods for distribution to our needy families.

Our Vision

To serve, educate and provide for the desperate and deserted orphans and HIV infected widows with children through individualized, family-centred, community-focused care. We strive for every orphan to have a humane chance in life.