The IOP Safe House is a 24hr haven for rural and impoverished victims of sexual and domestic violence, abandonment, crisis and disaster.

Our first resident..

In April of 2015 IOP received an emergency call from staff at eShowe State Hospital to say they had to discharge an elderly resident of our community and she had nowhere to go. In her eighties, blind, incontinent and unable to walk, this precious soul came home to the Ngqamuzane Safe House – where our staff provided for her and lovingly cared for her for the four days in took her family to arrange her safe passage home.

Situated within the secure confines of our Ngqamuzane Support Centre, it is an interim place of safety where community members are offered medical assistance, social support and mentorship through the various – and often daunting - criminal or welfare system.

Separate male and female rooms with lodging for six boys and six girls, a laundry, lounge area, books and toys, and healthy meals from the IOP Feeding Programme will ensure these young children or abused women – often traumatized by their experience – are offered comfort, safety and shelter while our support staff work with social workers and police on behalf of the victims.

‘How can I help?’

The Ngqamuzane Safe House needs include regular funding for support staff and maintenance, material donations of clothing and medical equipment, furniture, diapers, books, puzzles and equipment as well as building supplies for maintenance.

Our Vision

To serve, educate and provide for the desperate and deserted orphans and HIV infected widows with children through individualized, family-centred, community-focused care. We strive for every orphan to have a humane chance in life.